Es wird immer alles in Ordnung sein,

die Sterne oben, das Erdreich unten,

dazwischen Licht und Luft

und Lebewesen aller Art,

die einander konsumieren oder

nur begehren. Immer macht

irgendeiner draus ne große

Geschichte oder ein Gedicht,

und die Sterne sind oben,

das Erdreich unten und

daziwschen Licht und Luft

und ab und an Musik.


                                      Helmut Krausser

aus: Glutnester


be the sky/not the clouds.

an den fernen Geliebten




too busy for feeling

too numbed for sensing

to egoic for flow


why not become 






if the sun manages to kiss you

somebody else might, too

if a tune opens up something inside 

the voice of your lover will, too


if a verse tears down the wall

between you 


the world/



indeed you are vulnerable.

from afar

27. Februar 2023


the cold is back/

even snow/

my longing for spring/

covered by doubts and fears.

how to endure more winter.


from afar/

I hear my blood pulsing/

beneath the earth/

under my skin/

underneath my crusted self.


the flowers in the temple of my heart/

are evergreen/ ever blossoming.

where is the door? 

who wants to enter?

who is the lover 

who the beloved?


since feeling is first

who pays any attention

to the syntax of things

will never wholly kiss you;


wholly to be a fool

while Spring is in the world


my blood approves,

and kisses are a better fate

than wisdom

lady i swear by all flowers.        Don´t cry

-the best gesture of my brain is less than

your eyelids´flutter which says


we are for each other: then

laugh, leaning back in my arms

for life´s not a paragraph


And death i think is no parenthesis



dos à dos

21. Feb. 2023 

J’écris mon chant/ je chante mon vers/

pensant à toi/ 

es-tu capable de me lire?

De déchiffrer mes sons, mes mots, mes rêves?


Je t’écoute chanter /

portant ton âme sur mon coeur/

ta musique dans mes oreilles.


Rien n’est vraiment loin/

meme en ne se voyant pas/

sans se toucher/ 

les amoureux secrets se tiennent dos à dos.


Never seek to tell thy love

29. Jan. 2023 

Never seek to tell thy love

Love that never told can be

for the gentle wind doth move

silently, invisibly.


I told my love, I told my love

I told her all my heart

Trembling, cold, in ghastly fears.

Ah! she did depart! 


Soon after she was gone from me 

a traveller came by

Silently, invisibly: 


He took her with a sigh. 


                                             William Blake


William Blake: Love's Secret, spoken by José Barros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN3u2E3Ks18

waiting for the snow to melt

21. Jan. 2023 

waiting for the snow to melt/
waiting for the butterfly to spread its wings/
waiting for the colours to come back/

I long for my beloved to return/
why would he make me wait that long?
spring shall come/come again/



anything therefore is a delight

31. Dez. 2022 

(....)our poetry now/ is the realization that we possess nothing/anything therefore is a delight (since we do not possess it)/ and thus/need not fear its loss. We need not destroy the past; it is gone. At any moment/it might reappear/ 

and seem to be /and /be the present./would it be a repetition?Only if we thought we owned it, but / since we don't / it is free /and/ so are we.(...)


                                                               john cage



John Cage's text is a program, a Zen philosophy in a nutshell, a poetically written call not to hold on..not to things, not to people, not to the feelings that interweave us with everything that was or is a part of our lives.


Freedom, what is freedom? Is that desirable, to be so free? Who can stand it? To be able to entrust ourselves to the flow of life, to become more free of fear, that is what I wish for all of us. 


The pulsating, the flowing, the bubbling....
the ebb, the flood..the wind or storm, a gentle breeze...a desert, a nothingness..a snowy landscape, a frozen stream...the spring meadow, buds that open, a blossoming...and fade away again.

A steep mountain, an elongated plain, a horizon that opens...clouds and starry nights..the departure and the return home.

We can meet all this openly...without the impulse to flee, without the desire to remain.




John Cages Text ist ein Programm, eine Zen Philosophie in a nutshell, ein poetisch verfasster Aufruf, nicht festzuhalten..nicht an den Dingen, nicht an Menschen, nicht an den Gefühlen, die uns mit allem verweben, das ein Teil unseres Lebens war oder ist...


Freiheit, was ist Freiheit? Ist das wünschenswert, so frei zu sein? Wer hält das aus? Sich dem Lebensfluss anvertrauen zu können, angstfreier zu werden, das wünsche ich uns allen. 


Das Pulsieren, das Strömen, das Brodeln...

die Ebbe, die Flut..der Wind oder Sturm, eine laue Brise...eine Wüste, ein Nichts..eine Schneelandschaft, ein erstarrter Bach.. die Frühlingswiese, Knospen, die sich öffnen, ein Aufblühen...und wieder vergehen.

Ein steiler Berg, eine langgezogene Ebene, ein Horizont, der sich öffnet...Wolken und sternklare Nächte..das Aufbrechen und das Heimkehren.


All dem können wir offen begegnen ... ohne den Impuls zu fliehen, ohne den Wunsch zu verharren.



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